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NOW Studios

greetings, halluuo!

welcome to NOW (studios),

**new in town**—

What are we?

—home base for flittering marginalized creative revolutionaries,

—an immersive, multi-modal gallery with over 300 original works

—epicenter for existential performance art & nonviolent revolution,
—a never-ending variety show
... live music, open mics, slams, forums, panels, drag queens, poetry, book clubs, movie screenings, yoga, flow, creation, painting, photography, silliness, dancing.

—live-stream venue
—underground theatre and performance space
—a wild, colorful, fully-equipped surreal event space (want to host something!?)

—working studio,
—rehearsal studio,
—recording studio

—yoga/flow/dance studio
—temple for the universe,

—online publication

—cultivation haus for marginalized media and vigilante journalism as a full-color alternative to gray gloom public forum,

—incubator for ideas; for new political candidates & campaigns, nonprofits, and cultural initiatives centering around Universal Thriving.

—queer cafe for ever-sprouting bohemian intelligentsia,

—a space to study, teach, explore, witness, create.

NOW is a roving, multi-modal ecosystem for the universe —a surreal event space for progressive Yes;
 thought. non-thought. creation.

a live & live-streamed existential jungle gym of Activity Happening NOW-

—fully-empowered & equipped spacetime for the nuanced, specifically-colored unfolding process as it is, in real-time, First-Hand Account-
NOW studios is perpetual process. An act of creative reclamation from all forms of tyranny birthed in Linear Binary No.

... a hub for art, radically free thought, love, and ecstatic celebration—

NOW is a place for super playful people vulnerable enough to reach the summit of an occasion. And for those that want to be.

the space is an anti-depressant.
a conscious boost of heart caffeine for those who know how to give the juice. *this is a sacred safe space and will insist, by design, on keeping wildly liberated from all forms of enery-sucking loops of pessimism.
an exercise in intention-setting and boundary negotiation. 

Our larger movement, express your mess, is all about saying yes and getting said... our latest project, NOW studios, is a multi-modal dream space for vanguard creation. A place to incubate ideas and pollinate a radically better tomorrow.

Calling all wildly woke dreamers with a furnace of ideas and possibility churning inside: join us & share in the co-creation of a wildly more yes, ecstasy-perfect tomorrow!

(now we shall take to reiterating and elaborating in various forms...)

are we a theatre company? YES.
& we are a hub for revolution and movement.

a classroom, temple, and dance floor.
art gallery, working studio, creative incubator, &
movie-ready studio set that doubles as the pop-up board game for our therapeutic-grade role-playing real-life immersive board game.

It's time superheroes unite and stand in our energetic field—we're looking for brilliant creatures who thrive in the margins to come play in the lab with us—

First we gather and witness each other, then we chainlink our power, fusing the atoms of All That We Can Do—conjuring new ingredients, writing new recipes -—offering the world our nonviolent picnic—

this isn't hippy fluff. this isn't socialist racket.
it's a place to conjure better blueprints of tomorrow
by living Radically Present Here Now Today.

hello? are you out there?!

grab someone fabulous and let's dance !

* absurd, surreal creatures of the theatre to produce wild shows with
* artists to create and play and flow with
* wildly woke vegan yogis to run a vegan cafe and continue consciousness questing with
* fabulous gender bending queers and draggies to explore the binary with
* deeply talented marginalized poker players, pool players, bowlers, and tennis mates to conquer the game with
* philosophers, writers and deep non-linear thinkers to explore Big Ideas with
* nature-loving, sporty, competitive, playful activity partners

* radical political titans interested in the love revolution—in building expansive, inclusive campaigns of peaceful nonviolent creation for a new paradigm.

darlings, a group of flittering wild flowers have descended upon ann arbor, leading the charge for fabulous colorful revolution. our mission: swirl the collective energy into a cosmically conscious dance, grinding up the crusty shit that isn’t working and renegotiating the flame towards a brighter burn For All—birthright 2.0.

let's create together.
we have magical space in downtown ann arbor—

* vegan cafe,
* radical live event space,
* fully-equipped studio for co-collaborating & content creation—(film, live-stream, editing suite.)
* vod/podcast,
* immersive live theatre,
* art gallery,
* ideas incubator
* temple for chakra-pounding rebel hearts
* platform to polish potential political candidates

theatre, politics, art, ideas, veganism, yoga, dance, flow, consciousness, queer marginal culture, drag, poker, nature, activism, sport, play.

actively seeking activity partners to explore the world with. wildly woke revolutionaries, queers and those who thrive in the margins, shape-shifters who have embraced their inner skitzy (all those voices inside sick of competing wanting to cohabitate instead)... dreamers, rationalists, rugged individualists (who believe unmitigated inner liberty is the path towards collective nirvana enlightenment).

We're a new content-creation collaborative work space that some are calling "An Existential Recovery Red Pill Moment"—

now studios is an immersive life-size RPG board game—what's that?
well, you know how in monopoly you pick a game piece, say, the thimble? yea, well here, you are That.

We've just opened three co-working, content-creation spaces in downtown ann arbor as a member-based collective:

Mother Mushroom
A queer, vegan, mushroom-centered, pick-your-price cafe with bangin coffee and an outlandish atmosphere of theatre & other. Plus, chefs rotate monthly (if they want) and offer cooking classes to help us all eat gourmet vegan at home.
Think: drag queens serving you maitake stroganoff with quinoa noodles while reciting neruda on one (high-heeled) foot.
Create good-vibe fuel with us

NOW Studios
A decadent dream space to flow & create, to ground & generate a new public voice that lives out loud, YES! 
Think: queer, theatre, art, dance, music, yoga, meditation, podcast, video production, absurdist improv, art gallery, be-my-own therapy space.
Help us build new media for the Light

Lampshade Temple
Co-creating, co-working space for creatives, artists, radicals, progressive scholars and radical new political candidates, that maintains social distance while providing a bright, bold backdrop to build all our little empires of sand. A place to develop a sharing economy for political clout & resource. A place to explore business & political endeavor devoid of faction, fascism, & hierarchy.

now is an existential life recovery program—

A dream space to wake up,
with hunches and clues planted all over.

a place of radical thought, art, and movement.
if not now, when? if not us, who?

*film crew
*actors/musicians/artists/dreamers/innovators/drag queens/fabulous performers...
we're looking for conscious woke revolutionaries.

the space is totally vegan and allergic to pessimism, low-vibes, & complaining.
so much is so fucked. privilege and unconsciousness are raging inside every crevice of reality——patriarchy is supreme. now what?

moving the fuck on—

a delicious krewe of light faeries has arrived in a2!

Grand Visions often turn people off because they don't feel practical. This is not for those people. This is for revolutionary brothers and sisters looking to play at the next level, creative creatures ready to seduce this planet into consciousness-

We've acquired some fabulous co-working, content-creation commercial studio space in downtown ann arbor for modern superheroes to gather and share and unite our platforms and powers for a brighter burn to dance against the static. Maybe the dark doesn't win out in the end. 

joe biden is probably not going to heal the soul of america. but we can.

if not now, when? if not us, who? join us!