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Petals Sandcastle
aka Ricky Herbert

Founder & CEO

petals sandcastle, (they/them)  founder of express your yes and NOW studios, once became a kale chip for a whole hour just to try it out.

petals is a former NYC high school teacher and life coach. After leaving the classroom, they traveled the world, studying philosophy, art, politics, yoga, meditation, vegan cuisine, energy sliding, and the human condition.

‘explore or perish’ seems to be the order of things. grief into gasoline. using art to reach the inner worlds of the human mind. 

petals is a writer, director, producer, performer and multi-modal artist; as well as publish author, Drag Queen In The White House. Petals is a social spiritual scientist interested in the math of a miracle and practical alcehmy, like taking khaki and making bon fires.  
they are also a serial entrepreneur, addicted to renovating space, including projects like lampshade, a pick-your-price community-meet-commodity coffeeshop / performance venue / art gallery / co-working space.

petals is also a competitive poker player, pool player, and bowler.

and a freelance photographer, picaro philosopher and radical dreamer.
and, darling, a painter with a private brick-n-mortar gallery with over 300 original works.

petals says, "get what you came for. embody the fantasy.
unzip your spine and step out. recast the movie, edit the script. midwife your own fairytale. tra la la."

petals has a phd in pleasure pursuit, with a concentration in relaxation and enjoyment--and is available for private sessions.


Bubbles Sandcastle
aka Samer Chahine

Co-Founder & Director of Operations and Technology

Bubbles (they/them) is a former software engineer for corporate giants. After leaving the inhumane conditions of corporate life, they traveled the world and began developing new skills. Now, Bubbles produces music, writes, and is developing their skills in graphic design.



Resident DJ & Director of Poetry

T (she/her) is a sound-shaper. She loves thinking about the vibrations of beats through language and techno. She was born in the View of Mountains, but her life is that of a wandering gusan. She has been composing music and poetry from a very young age, and has published and performed widely around the world. She also is a well-recognized translator.

Her work is experimental, visual, intertextual, intercultural, queer; and explores themes around movement, subjectivity, symbols and transmission—drawing from the threats imposed on endangered languages such as her native tongue Western Armenian. She finds affinity in the works of African, Indigenous, and SWANA artists who explore themes around cultural oppression, genocide, and colonization. Her work invites cross-cultural dialogue and interrogation with gender and sexuality, especially the prominent role of women and foremothers in her contributions to and around Armenian Futurism.


Prince Cosmix

Diamond Flitter

Prince Luminos Cosmix (he/they/Prince); A philosophical hero, A dreamer who looks to the stars, a writer creating an entire universe around a new identity through the way their imagination warps the world. A poet that speaks from the heart, a musician/dancer, An aspiring artist with a vision, A philanthropist to the less fortunate, a mentor to generations to come, an activist for a green future. A Prince looking to lead the people of this earth to metephorical kingdoms among the stars.


MEMCO, UMS, SHEI Magazine, RC Review, SMTD, Violin Monster, Michigan Students Against Sexual Assault