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(skip down (below the magnum opus) to see a menu of offerings at NOW studios.)

Darlings--has this pandemic got you thirsty to move and groove and get your body jam on?

feeling like you need a huge old hunk of creative? a dose of nonviolent revolution? some surreal queer oddity? technicolored Yes? NOW studios is a flowing smorgasbord of delicious creations, contents, and events. . .

NOW is a place for super playful people vulnerable enough to reach the summit of an occasion. And for those that want to be.

If you are a happy, creative, curious person looking for a place to explore and express your high vibrations, then book a session.

If you are experiencing tremendous grief, and looking to find ways to dance with the heartbreak in your pocket, then book a session.

We have everything you need to explode untold worlds of possibility! express your mess! it's a birthright.

join our dance flow yoga strength training hybrid kiki vroom yes Go playtime sessions! (live & live-streamed, group and private.)

in short (ha!)... immersive art gallery, NOW therapy, nonviolent political theatre, podcasts, vaudeville variety drag poet slam show eleganza extravaganzas, dance parties, yoga classes, meditation sessions, film screenings, existential performance art, live music, unlimited supplies to create and explore, an incubator for Big Ideas & Cosmic, Conscious Campaigns—shenanigans, sweeties!

depression doesn't want condolences; heartache doesn't want an apologetic sermon on higher purpose for a dead sister.

that break up… ‘It's for the best' … broke? lonely? sick? sad? a minority person navigating the unpacked supremacies of planet earth? ... ‘don’t worry, things will turn around.”

people never stop apologizing for the grief others carry. watching the world stumble to find words to calm its own anxiety in face of sorrow totally amps the feelings of wild isolation.
hijacks the grief that they don't know how to meet nor alleviate. platitudes & sentiment are the result of a planet unsure what to do with its anxiety and privilege.

at NOW studios we swap 'sorry for your loss' hallmark sentiment with magic carpet ride adventures that transport you entirely from the shit storm you are in, without you knowing you’d ever lifted off.

unshackled possibility.
fully-equipped spacetime and permission.
that's the secret juice.

We've created some rabbit holes for you to get lost in. To reclaim yourself. To embrace your dreams and conjure some new ones. Alice is waiting. If you are looking to move the fuck on from feeling broken, then book a session. If you've already moved on and are looking for wild, woke collaborators... NOW studios is NOW open.

No experience necessary, but all experiences welcome.

**capitalism is gross. and we hate fixed prices. we're more community-meet-commodity, pick-your-price socialistic capitalism slash everything is a conversation. We are also open to barter and people paying way more than suggested as well. make it rain down on mommy. make mama rich!

***For most events, we'll shoot everything live in the studio in small numbers with other fabulous creatures and live-stream it out to our ceaselessly fabulous, adoring public! *We often have limited audience/performer spots available, with ongoing casting— please inquire!

****No sense being insecure around talented people. being bad at shit is a gift reserved for the vulnerable. want to shake it loose with us? if not now, when? Share with your friends!

namaste, wild flowers.

$36.00 - $54.00

ready to reserve your spot?

pick a session and book a time slot below.

then you can either pay for the session in your bag or you can pay when you get here.