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The Artist is Present

pleasure, pleasure, pleasure, pleasure—life is meant to feel good—going deeper than we think we can, further than our brains suggest we ought—pushing through Every Thing to seé our bare vibration in pools of light, witnessing and being witnessed.

It’s time to grind non-reality to a halt.
We beat back fascism with a takeover of public space by ecstatic yes.
Grief into Gasoline. collective pleasure for the whole fucking planet. Endless micro dispersions of wild yes to disband the status quo of no.

words rarely seduce the stars,
and yet i am here
dancing with your consciousness...
flit wit me.

—perpetually feeling good is our ticket out of a dead end;
—every cow, crow, and cockroach, even the fascist racist oligarchs—imagine the unimaginable Yes, And that await all 7.8 billion of us plus the trillions of critters and quarks sharing this briny blue expanse—

But first we’re calling bullshit on the entire hair-raising ouvre of our utter devotion to the hoodwinking malarkey of the Fascist Corporate Oligarch's Rigged System of NO.

the future is about maintaining the state of flow.
dancing through life with ecstasy permanently tickling ALL our spines.
why not?

this is my goal.

Nonviolent political theatre.
Bucketloads of peacefully acting up.
opting out of the human hamster wheel for good.

Please stop reading if it bores you... allow my words to upset your stomach, crack inside if they'll break you, but do not press into these trimmings if they do not feed you where you are hungry; my ego isn't so big as all that... grant access to the deepest chambers of yourself if it suits you... or just look at pretty paintings & buy some delicious art!

pulsing energy channels itself through a paint brush, bathing in cloudfuls of syllables for they are my flesh, This Digital Soiree will host hundreds of original works we've been dancing with.


where was I?

The Old World is dying, and in its place a New Earth is being reborn.
A mercilessly elegant place where God comes without a gender or color of skin.

explore the universe or argue abortion rights?
We are literal fallen star matter, we decadent processes of vibration and light. earth is teeming with information out to reach us. whole emancipated lands of Yes, And outside the absurd world of No.

We are the beginnings of a faint hope for a radically better tomorrow. Us. The pools of swirling energy we create by curving our spiraling momentum together. Moving with conscious intention manifests a better tomorrow.

We’re trapped in the nostalgia for a past we can’t go back to, that wasn’t what we want to remember it to be. We can never go back to before. Life is now and tomorrow. Tomorrow’s tomorrow. Yesterday is no more.

Now is Now.

there is depth beyond the superficial anger—an untouchable place of Crazy Wisdom we can tap into, our direct line with the universe, that has the power to laugh along with everything, even the most viscous dictatorship—

because It Is (T)Here & We Are Alive to experience it.

To be alive is to be not dead. Let's give ample room for this most decadent fortune: We Are Alive. With hearts that beat without our asking. We Are Alive before anything gets labeled and categorized in the blackhole of binary.

It Is, We Are, ... I Am.

I Am.
You Are.

Now what?

This single one breath out in front of me, inside of me, these gorgeous lungs filling without my asking. my god how perfect this all turned out to be. how absolutely majestic earth is—and also—!thank everything!, how much more exquisite this all can and shall become—

Tomorrow is a world For, and From creators.
Tomorrow is the dreams we set spinning Right Now Today. NOW.

HERE. In this moment.
This precious moment.

the opposite of imagination is stagnation. The universe loathes stagnation. We came here to move. to explore in every single moment—uncharted places, forward, now—

So we’ve been busy creating a wildly immersive, self-guided Adult Play House in downtown Ann Arbor called NOW STUDIOS—No Outside World—to help usher in our Collective Wake Up. It’s a multi-modal creative therapy space to explore ourselves and reality in a very different way.

A chance to meet outside the noise, to dance with our fears and conditioning, to upgrade what isn’t working… without the nervous compulsions to speak just because. let's unlock our collective inner-kid. the future is depending on it.

We’re starved for a different type of interaction. One that doesn’t rely on the traditional ways of connecting—small talk, nervous chatter, happy hour complaining about the endless parade of lesser-of-evils and their venomously-uninspired, small-minded no we're all coerced into taking, then regurgitating based on what we’ve seen and read all week.

Contempt is growing inside of me & isolationist’s rage isn’t helping anybody—so we can use the wounds, turn our suffering into light... let's do something different than what we've always done.

I cannot run for office yet. But I can open space for We, The People to connect deeply through creation, food, and art. It’s time to heal this, America.

Our mission is to assemble wildly diverse groups together to hash this shit out—publicly, where it counts! over food, creation, theatre, play, music, meditation, movement, drama, ideas, and art.

& We'll be live-streaming all the antics—

If not now, when? If not us, who? Join the journey!

Because Life is meant to feel good. Really fucking good. This is it! Our big moment! We are alive.

alive means living, moving, conscious— we are not immutable dna, fixed little paperweights with a pulse— "this is how things are so this is how things have got to be"— is absolute dry fart saltine cracker and I want to vote for people unafraid to say it.

1 billion people currently shit in their own gardens around planet earth—once we all get toilets and modern plumbing we can start caring about the word fuck or which gender ought wear nail polish.

for now let's address the 2/3s of American's readily admitting to being depressed, the 50% who are on mood-stabilizers, the thousands of anti-depressant prescriptions written for babies under the age of one, the 3 million Americans dying every year from obesity because Americans eat our feelings, which is to say eat like shit, while sitting on phones in front of the t.v. at a desk for the bulk of waking life and lying flat ass for the rest of it.

it is time to dance.
for the 130 Americans that kill themselves every day. It's time we dance with the depths of our sadness so we all come to see that there is place for each and all on this planet. There is room here for everybody, by design. God Universe Source Gaia Science made all of this... on purpose.

We are not orbiting an indifferent universe.

The universe is self-correcting through US. The stars are realigning, rerouting us towards unimaginably beautiful, better paths.

We aren’t victims; no sense playing small, recoiling into little old me. It’s Go Time, Full Throttle. Complete Alignment with our Highest Truth holds all the power.

It's time to get what we came for—being alive is an exquisite experiment. it's time to consciously design the collective world of our dreams. Single Thoughts are seeds that change the universe—

Creation is our only weapon against the tyranny of Destroyer's NO. Rough days are coming; we lovers will lift YES out from the shackles of NO.

When Sleepy Joe Biden wins the presidency things are going to get murderously uncomfortable, and it's going to take Light Faeries to create spacetime for those who've been left behind.

Bigoter's Supremacy has been purposely written into the script and it's going to take a lot of collective healing to witness and outgrow the darkness. 65 million people voted for Trump for a reason, and those reasons aren't going away unless we're all empowered to explore ourselves and each other, thus recalibrating our entire Why for Being Alive.

Anything good that could be, should be.

It’s time to exit the shadows. We are not the minds of our predator.

It’s time for over-the-top realness to wake the conscience of our nation. Polished, provocative ideas offered as necessary seduction.
It's time to paint over the past, brighter this time.

This is a call to unify the tribes. Love is the uniform of our revolution. It’s time to strain the anger from our story, time to drain the disappointment.

We have collectively gone mad, frozen, swimming in icy hot liquid, selling our individuality off for fear’s sake — for the sake of fitting in and yet why don’t we feel like we fit any place? Why does everything feel eerily off?

Because The Modern Machine has one function: churn humans out like window wipers in an assembly plant—
We are not the devillish tricks we’ve been so casually convinced to erroneously carry out. We’re allowing existence to be controlled and manipulated and sold to us at every pass—We’ve submerged ourselves underground, we've gone subterraen, some call it hell —But of course we’re not buried, we’re planted, and it’s time to fucking bloom.

The human race has collectively forgotten it’s WHY for Living.
WHY has been replaced with NOUNS— let's just Buy & Bomb, & Biden our way out of it—but all the objects on the mantle will never save us, liberation is an inside job.

This epidemic of mind, body, spirit slovenliness stems from a glaring lack of self-love & self-respect across the planet. Our various unique identities and intelligences are being stifled from the equation; most have forgotten they are even a person.

We're briefly human, for the sweetness of it. We're not here to survive. We're here to explore. To connect with the natural world—to love, to witness, to create, to move, to grow.

Creation is War's Kryptonite—so buy my creations, will you?
And create some of your own!


Ricky Little Bird Lampshade Skitzy Sandcastle Purple Petals Mc-Gill-uh-cut-eee Herbert Dicklebop the Light Faerie, 2020.